I don’t think I might have participated in [group therapy] with strangers at someone’s house or an office. However I think the camping and hiking, and with other men, was intriguing.


The fact I see other men being vulnerable, it allowed me to feel more comfortable opening up.


Doing work with you outside is really helpful and motivating for me,  it's well... A breathe of fresh air, if you will 😉   And as a therapist, I never saw you as a doctor taking notes and looking for diagnoses and that helped me to focus on actually improving.


It was kind of funny how - you don’t look like a therapist, and this doesn’t feel like therapy, but it was therapeutic for me.


I loved the outdoor aspect of this therapy – I completely needed it.


The ‘outdoor/adventure’ model of this program was a better counselling method for me than other counselling programs I’ve participated in.