T.O.N.E. Project

T.O.N.E. stands for Therapy Outside Normal Environments

...and is a 3-month long FREE group therapy experience for men that weaves adventure and experiential therapies 

with art, drama, and music therapies.


What is the T.O.N.E. Project?

  • T.O.N.E. works with men living with PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, and related challenges.
  • T.O.N.E. takes men (age 19 and up) outside of the therapist’s office, engages them in outdoor and adventure-based therapies, and incorporates art, drama or music therapies.
  • T.O.N.E. promotes the use of outdoor spaces, physical movement and adventure-based activities as both a PLACE and a WAY therapy can happen.

Why the T.O.N.E. Project?

Consider the stats:

  • 4 out of 5 deaths by suicide are men;
  • 1 in 10 Canadian men in Canada will experience major depression in the course of their lives;
  • health outcomes in men - especially mental health - are worse compared to women;
  • generally speaking, help-seeking behaviours in men are lower than that of women;
  • these last two points create, what the literature refers to as, the Double-Jeopardy Effect' - creating negative feedback loop.

Mental health and addictions therapy as it exists works for some, but not all... especially men. Research tells us that other ways of ”doing” therapy would be helpful for men living with mental illness and/or distress in their life.


The T.O.N.E. Project takes the HOW and WHERE therapy happens, 

and aligns it with ways that men tend to engage and interact within themselves and the world.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment for each group is approximately 3 months:

  • one meet 'n greet session with Brian or Nick, 

  • two evening sessions, and

  • three weekend outings.


Sample Schedule for a T.O.N.E. Project

First Gathering Weekend Outing (Fri 4pm – Sun 2pm) Within 1 hr of Halifax
~2 weeks later Evening Session  (~6-9pm) Within 30 min of Halifax
~2 weeks later Weekend Outing (Fri 4pm – Sun 2pm) Within 1 hr of Halifax
~2 weeks later Evening Session  (~6-9pm) Within 30 min of Halifax
Final Gathering Weekend Outing (Fri 4pm – Sun 2pm) Within 1 hr of Halifax

Thanks to 2 years of funding from Movember Canada, The T.O.N.E. Project has helped support

the wellbeing of almost 40 men in Nova Scotia!!


With the funding cycle complete, we are currently seeking additional funding from other sources

so as to continue to offer T.O.N.E. free of charge, and barrier-free, to more men.


If your agency is interested in contracting T.O.N.E. staff to offer a Project to your staff or clientele,

please contact us for quotes.



Funding for the project comes with gratitude to the men who grow the hair under their nose every Movember

and everyone who supports them.


Please see Movember Canada to learn more about their

Men's Mental Health Initiative and consider donating.

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