what we offer

Free Range Therapy offers individual and group therapy almost anywhere you think therapy can happen for you:

out on a hike, sitting by a lake, on a run in the park, at the rock climbing gym, at an artist studio, or over coffee - are but a few examples.


  • At Free Range Therapy, we provide a holistic, evidence-based and individualized framework working with each client.  One primary goal is to ask clients to look at the WHERE and the HOW therapy happens. They are invited to be creative in exploring ways that therapy can work for them.  This strategy is rooted in the belief that, deep down, we all possess an inner compass that can lead us towards our own path.
  • Within this framework, clients are provided opportunities to develop deeper levels of intrinsic motivation, a diverse set of coping strategies, creative problem solving skills, and connection to one's core identity.
  • All this is accomplished using an integrated model of therapy that incorporates Adventure, Wilderness and Experiential-based techniques, with Narrative, Cognitive Behavioural, Emotion Focused, Attachment and Mindfulness practices as needed.



Individual, or 1 on 1 sessions, may be appropriate for you if:

  • You are concerned about or have been previously diagnosed with a mental illness.
  • You are worried about dealing with stressful situations in your life.
  • You have felt or someone you know has suggested that you talk to a therapist.

What does Individual Therapy look like at Free Range Therapy?

  • First sessions are typically held in my office. This offers an opportunity for paperwork to be completed, for us to meet in a neutral location, as well as exploring how therapy might work for you.
  • Sessions take place as frequently as you would like - for some it is weekly or bi-weekly, for others it is monthly.
  • Some client also benefit from a mix of session-types:  going for hikes, sitting by a lake, going rock climbing, etc., interspersed with office-based sessions.  The main idea here is to connect with the location and the activity that resonates for you!!


We work with adults and adolescents living with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma, PTSD
  • Addictions
  • ADHD
  • Grief, bereavement and loss
  • Sexuality
  • Stress
  • Addictions (to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, food, video games/internet, etc.)
  • Anger
  • Domestic violence (mandated men)
  • Major life decisions
  • Self-esteem

Specific to working with adolescents, I work with:

  • Abuse, neglect and abandonment;
  • Stress, anxiety and depression;
  • Addictions (to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, food, video games/internet, etc.);
  • Behaviour difficulties - Oppositional Defiance, Conduct Disorder, etc;
  • School concerns – ADHD, attendance, bullying, socialization, test anxiety;
  • Children living through divorce or separation, adoption of fostering situations.




Thanks to the generosity of Movember Canada, Free Range Therapy  is able to offer The T.O.N.E. Project. Click here for more information, dates for coming groups, referral forms.

The T.O.N.E. Project

T.O.N.E. Stands for therapy outside normal environments. It is another therapeutic option for men meeting or wanting a different way of "doing therapy".

T.O.N.E. weaves adventure and wilderness therapies [experiential] with art, drama, and music therapies [expressive] into one cohesive group therapy experience.

Why T.O.N.E.?  Men tend to struggle getting help when they need it. Research tells us that men tend to respond positively to non-traditional, out-of-office, and movement-based therapeutic approaches when working through mental illness and/or stress in their life.



Situations may arise within your organization OR on your own professional path where an outside perspective would be helpful. I provide workshops, consultation or mediation services for churches, non-profits and professional organizations around therapeutic issues, boundary violations, leadership, work-life balance, stress management, and/or relational conflict.

Benefits of External Consultation with Free Range Therapy

Neutrality  ⇔  Objectivity  ⇔  Expertise  ⇔  Resources  ⇔  Practicality

Locations & Arrangements

Any of these services can be held either at my office, your organization’s location, or at a alternate location that meets the needs of your group and the objectives of the workshop or consultation.


To arrange for a free 15-minute consult,

or to explore how we can support your organization, click the button below.